About Us

We Started It All

3:15pm is the first company to introduce the “milk tea bag” using real, natural tea leaves rather than instant tea powder. We take pride in our innovative roasting methods to perfectly blend Oolong and Black Teas to create the exquisite flavors and aromas loved around the world.

Tea is our culture, our family, and our love

3:15pm was built upon three generations of real tea planting families in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. We insist on producing only the highest quality, most enjoyable products for our customers; therefore, we only work with the most reputable and experienced tea farms in Taiwan. We source our tea at above market rates to protect farmer rights and to elevate their livelihood.

We regularly send industry experts to partner with and invest in our individual farmers to educate, counsel, and perform audits to ensure they meet our strict quality and safety requirements. We place an emphasis on the geographical environment conditions, such as altitude, sunlight exposure, distance, square measure, yield, and other relevant information as pollution can come from many sources in the surrounding area. For instance, we fully consider the distance from our tea plantation to near-by factories, mines, residential areas, and other farmlands. Pesticides, heavy metals and other pollution from the air, which are into soil, can possibly affect cleanliness of tea production through roots and leaves. We monitor when surrounding areas are using pesticides on a daily basis, take measures to minimize the impact on our fields, and perform extra testing during these periods to ensure our teas are not polluted by chemicals from other farms.

Our Commitment to You

At 3:15pm, we are committed to the strictest food safety standards and producing the highest quality product for our consumers. Our top priority is the customer; therefore, we will never compromise product quality to increase company profit. We’ve spent years mastering a proprietary technique that takes away the bitterness over steeping tea while preserving the tea’s natural fragrance. The result is a tea with world-class flavor and aroma. Each bag we make is an expression of our love for tea that we want to share with you.

A Genuine Love For Tea

Mr. Justin Chu descends from a tea planting family and has dedicated his heart and soul to the industry. He is not only the General Manager of Shih Chen Company but also a real tea farmer from Mingjian Township, Nantou County — a renown tea region in Taiwan. Because of his unparalleled passion for tea, 3:15pm wishes every individual tea leaf is served properly and from the heart.

Under Mr. Chu’s careful watch, tea leaves are never discarded, regardless of season, and the efforts of tea farmers never go unnoticed. His unrelenting desire to introduce Taiwan tea to the world ultimately led to the birth of 3:15pm and a unique tea culture adored by customers everywhere.

Through Mr. Chu’s vision and standard of excellence, 3:15pm is extremely proud to bring you delicious milk tea that has been perfected through generations of Taiwanese tea farming…and made with love.

About Us

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